Dedicated Hunting / Fishing Guides Awaiting Your Arrival

Duck Hunting

If there’s a better slice of duck hunting terrain in the country we’ve yet to hear of it. Let us guide you by land, by river, and by marsh to tranquil hunting bluffs locals haven’t even unearthed. Once we’ve arrived you can be sure you’ll know it.

Fishing Charters

Wind through rivers and bayous on the way out to prime Gulf Coast fishing. Get an early start, ease into the day, and let our guides show you all the finest unknown fishing spots along the Louisiana coastline. Don’t worry, we’ll get you back in time to fire up the BBQ.

Alligator Hunts

Waterways have different attitude at night, and so will you. We take off at sunset and show you parts of the river that really come to life under the moonlight. Time slows down, fish keep on biting, and a calm takes hold of everything in sight. Peace, quiet, and playtime.

Cast & Blast

Don’t pick one over the other. Make the most of your time at Pelican’s Roost with a guided hunt that gives you plenty of time to scout duck blinds and chase catfish in the same day. Just don’t forget to pack a day’s worth of food and drinks in the cooler.